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Fortnite Rally Royale LTM (Credit: Epic Games)

New Fortnite Update: Rally Royale LTM

Epic Games have officially announced that the new Fortnite update 14.30 will introduce a Rally Royale LTM.
This will be specifically vehicle-based, where players go head to head in a race formatted game. The objective is to pass the finish line in the fastest time possible, with there being golden tickets to collect along the way. When all your tickets (which are spread across the map) are picked up, you will then head to the finish line. 
The format of collecting tickets stays the same, regardless of whether you are riding solo, or with teammates. This game mode will be available in solos, duos and squads. 
The Rally Royale is one of many new modes coming in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4, all of which will be time-limited. This page will be updated as soon as the release date is announced. 
It certainly looks to be an exciting, competitive feature, and one we can’t wait to try out. 
As more Fortnite updates and leaks continue to come out, we will be sure to give you the lowdown on all the latest news.