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Futties Prediction Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

Fifa 21 Futties Predictions & Promo Information | Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

It’s that time of year again! Fifa Ultimate Team’s fan-favourite promo, Futties, is right around the corner. Thanks to a new loading screen within Fifa 21 Ultimate Team, we now know that Futties will be released in Fifa 21 on Friday July 16. 

First off, Futties will most likely be the final promo for Fifa 21 with the next title in the franchise only a few months away. As sad as this may sound, for those who do not know what the Futties promos entails, you need to get yourself ready as it is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for Fifa Ultimate Team players. 

As with every promo, Futties will include a variety of special cards that receive a significant increase to their ratings and stats. With this being the final promo of Fifa 21, and considering the ratings of cards we saw in the Festival of Futball promo, we can expect that these cards will be of an extremely high rating. The players featured in the Futties promo are usually the fan-favourites from across the whole year of the game. For example, Kante has been an extremely popular card from beginning to end of Fifa 21, meaning he is likely to get a Futties card. The Futties cards will be available in packs, SBCs and also objectives.

Alongside the special cards and players, in the past, we have also seen the Futties promo include:

  • Special cards from previous promos re-released
  • Past SBCs re-released
  • Engagement reward packs
  • Futties voting system

Despite the promo not actually starting until July 16, EA have already confirmed the Futties voting system will return this year and you can complete a vote right now! If you head into Fifa Ultimate Team, whether that be on console or the app, you will see that you have a player pick on your account. Upon redeeming that player pick, you will be given the option to choose one of two players. The player you select, will get your vote and the player with the most votes overall will be released as an SBC during the Futties promo. For more information on the Futties voting system, take a look at the image below.

Fifa 21 Futties Fan Vote (Credit: EA Sports)

We have no doubt that Fifa 21’s Futties will be just as exciting as the promo has been in previous titles and we expect the cards to be extremely high rated. To give you an idea of who could be featured in the promo, we have created some Fifa 21 Futties predictions for you to enjoy. As always, these are only a Futties prediction, and do not guarantee that they will be featured in the game. Hopefully, the Fifa 21 Futties prediction we have created will give you an idea of what to expect when the promo is released.

Fifa 21 Futties Predictions