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FaZe Logo (Credit FaZe Clan)

FaZe Kay Officialy Kicked From FaZe Clan Following Crypto Scam

FaZe Clan have officially fired FaZe Kay. 

The esports organisation released a statement via Twitter on Friday morning confirming that Kay, whose real name is Frazier Khattri, has been removed from his position. 

Jarvis, Nikan and Teeqo have also been suspended until further notice. 

Why has FaZe Kay been removed from Faze Clan? 

The decision to drop Kay from the company has come from the 25-year-old’s affiliation with the cryptocurrency ‘Save The Kids’. 

Save The Kids is an altcoin that Kay promoted, reportedly leading onto Faze’s large fan-base to invest and acquire large quantities of the cryptocurrency. 

It had been stated that a certain % of all proceeds will be donated to a charity, but reports online have accused the gaming stars of getting rid of their assets. The value of Save The Kids heavily dropped, meaning plenty of investors lost out on money. 

FaZe Clan stated that they had no involvement with the cryptocurrency, condemning those that were affiliated. 

In their own words, “The trust and respect of our fans has been, and always will be, our number one priority.” 

What has FaZe Kay said? 

At the time of writing, Kay is yet to release an official statement in response to his dismissal from FaZe Clan. 

Five days prior, however, he took to Twitter to apologise for his actions with the altcoin. He said that it was ‘irresponsible of me to speak publicly about any coins without knowing more and knowing now that they can do more harm than good.’ 

Kay also revealed that he didn’t discuss the promotion with any FaZe members, but he wished he had.