Gaming Broadband

Here at Gaming Broadband, we are a team made up of professional gamers and broadband experts
with years of experience across the industries. We understand just how important a fast and reliable
internet connection is when gaming which is why Gaming Broadband was launched.

Which Plans You
Would Like To View?

Migrate Your Existing
Broadband Service To Us

If you already have broadband with another provider, and you would like to simply switch providers to Gaming Broadband, then choose from one of the plans below when using our Availability Checker. All migration orders are for broadband only.

Install A Second
Broadband Line Just For Gaming

Installing a new line into your home means you can still have your usual broadband for general usage, but you will have a separate connection, specifically to be used for gaming. In order to install a second line into your home, you can choose from one of our + plans, as seen below, when using our Availability Checker. We can have BT Openreach install your new phone socket and broadband into a different room than your current broadband.

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