Gaming Broadband

Here at Gaming Broadband, we are a team made up of professional gamers and broadband experts
with years of experience across the industries. We understand just how important a fast and reliable
internet connection is when gaming which is why Gaming Broadband was launched.

GFast & GFast +

Gaming Broadband GFast Plans
GFast 160-30 Plan
GFast 330-50 Plan
GFast + 160-30 Plan
GFast + 330-50 Plan
GFast Fibre Broadband For Gaming – up to 330mb Download

Up to 330mb Download Speeds for online gamers across the UK. Our GFast & GFast+ Fibre Broadband services are available to all UK customers that are located in areas that have been upgraded to GFast capability by BT Openreach.

Our full range of broadband products are not only perfect for gaming but also great for standard internet access. Since our broadband services are built on a low contended business network, with direct peering agreements into the main gaming providers in the UK. This infrastructure setup makes it perfect for online gamers since our business fibre broadband services are prioritised over standard consumer traffic in off-peak times.

All of our broadband services are monitored 24/7 and we provide our customers with full access and transparency. As a GFast Gaming Broadband customer you have the privilege of no download limits, no traffic shaping and very low latency which is perfect for gaming. This broadband speed available on copper allows you to download gaming content rapidly and efficiently.

To check what speeds are available use our availability checker – GFast Fibre Broadband Checker


What speeds are available on GFast & GFast + (up to)?


ultrafast broadband speed


160mb download / 30mb upload

330mb download / 50mb upload

ultrafast broadband speed

GFast +

160mb download / 30mb upload

330mb download / 50mb upload

What is the difference between GFast & GFast+

GFast is a Fibre Broadband date service only. We provide you with GFast Fibre Broadband on your existing phone line in your premises.

GFast+ is GFast Fibre Broadband & Phone Line inclusive. We provide you with a brand new installation that includes a non dialling phone line into your premises. This will mean you have you will have two seperate boradband lines running into your home. One can be used for general, everyday usage, but the other can be used just for your gaming. This increases your broadband speeds as there are fewer devices sharing the same connection. This service is commonly known as SoGFast Fibre Broadband. You can read more about GFast Fibre Broadband & SoGFast Fibre Broadband on our news blog.


Benefits of our GFast Fibre Broadband
fast gamer internet


Our specialist gaming network carriers are chosen to enhance your gameplay.

xbox broadband


Our network carriers are directly connected with major companies such as Xbox, Google Stadia & Netflix via peering arrangements.

Low Latency

Peering arrangements result in ultrafast connection speeds and lower latency, which is perfect for gaming.

ultrafast broadband speed


We offer our customers superfast connectivity to improve their gaming experience.

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4G Back-Up

Automatic 4G back-up is available to be setup. Please contact us if you would like this option.

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For our customers, we set no limits. You can download and play as much as you like.

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We remotely monitor connections 24/7 to spot and solve problems asap.