Gaming Broadband

Here at Gaming Broadband, we are a team made up of professional gamers and broadband experts
with years of experience across the industries. We understand just how important a fast and reliable
internet connection is when gaming which is why Gaming Broadband was launched.

Bonded Fibre Broadband

Bonding more than one broadband connection gives you a greater speed. In certain parts of the country broadband speeds are relatively poor which effects online gaming in a negative way. Customers with no other option can take advantage of combining more than one broadband service together to increase the maximum speed – this is known as Bonded Fibre Broadband. We provide two types on bonded broadband:

Load-Balanced Gaming Broadband

Load balancing takes two or more connections and aggregates the connections into a single router. The router will decide which broadband line to use at any given moment. If one of the broadband lines is busy, the router will choose to use the least busy broadband line in that instance. Load balancing helps manage the amount of data and subsequently the amount of devices trying to access the internet.

True Bonded Gaming Broadband

True bonded broadband also takes one or more connections but the bandwidth is added together and combined as one connection. If your download speed on one single fibre broadband connection is 50mb, adding a second line and bonding them together will give you 100mb.

Which version is better for Gaming?

Both are great for gaming and it largely depends on your internet browsing habits and data usage but we think that load balanced gaming broadband is better. With load balanced gaming broadband we can configure your router to route your gaming traffic down one single connection and leave the other connection for general internet browsing. We can also provide you with two different network carriers so if one carrier has an issue, the non affected carrier can keep you online.

Benefits of our Bonded Broadband
  • Bonded ADSL, FTTC & FTTP available
  • National UK Coverage
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Low Latency for Gaming
  • Low Ping rates
  • 4G automatic backup available
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring from Gaming Broadband
  • 10 working day installation