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Loki Season 2 CONFIRMED (Credit: Marvel)

Loki Season 2 Is Officially Confirmed By Marvel

For all the Marvel fans out there, I am sure you have seen their latest Disney+ TV series, Loki. If you haven’t, well without spoiling anything, you most definitely need to give it a watch as it is full of twists, turns and most importantly, mischief.

The first episode aired on June 9 2021, with one episode releasing weekly after. As of today, the Loki Season Finale (episode 6) was released on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. Now, whilst we could sit here all day and discuss all of the events that unfolded during the finale, instead we are going to focus on one small, yet very exciting, detail you may have missed.

With most Marvel films/TV series, we are often treated to a post-credit scene which usually gives us a teaser of what we can expect next within the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). For example, at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, in the post-credit scene, we saw Nick Fury turn to dust before leaving us with a Captain Marvel Teaser. Well, as you may have expected, we also saw a brief post-credit scene within the season finale of Loki, however, it is a little different to what we are used to.

Once the season finale concludes, after all of the action and events we won’t spoil for you, we do see a very short cut-scene, however, rather than being a teaser of what is to come in the MCU, it is actually an announcement for Loki Season 2. As you can see in the tweet below, a stamp is pressed down on some paperwork that prints “LOKI WILL RETURN IN SEASON 2” and that is all that is shown.

So we now have official confirmation from Marvel that there will in fact be a Loki Season 2, however that is all we know. There is no indication of when this will be released, however, considering Marvel have already announced the line-up for all their upcoming films and TV series, I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. There are plenty of other questions that we all share too, such as, will Loki appear in any MCU movies/shows before Loki season 2? Will Loki season 2 be set before or after Phase 4? Who knows? Despite the long wait to have all of our questions answered, we have plenty of other MCU action to enjoy!