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GTA 5 (Credit: Rockstar Games)

LEAK: Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Set To Release In 2025

Type ‘GT’ into Google and before your left hand has hovered over to the ‘A’, “GTA 6 release date” has already emerged as a suggested search. 

It could be argued that in the history of video games, no other gaming franchise generates more hype and excitement, than the Grand Theft Auto series. 

First released in 1997, the Rockstar development has seen seven more titles follow, all of which have gripped the gaming community and left a historic mark in being a cultural and also commercial success.

The open world realm allows gamers to unleash an inner anarchism, of which they just simply cannot get enough of. Such is the popularity of the games, any sniff of a potential new release date sends fans into frenzy. 

This has been the case most recently. 

Those who have been on Twitter this week will have seen ‘GTA 6’ trending non-stop. A rumour was sparked via a Tom Henderson video, of which he stated that the release date would be 2025. Yes that’s right. Another four years to potentially go. 

The news inevitably did the rounds, with it also being speculated that the new GTA VI map would be set in a more modern-day Vice City. The location would evolve over time, in line with the character’s gameplay. 

Although no other outlets or reports have since strengthened these claims, this hasn’t stopped the potential release date dominating forums and all the talk online. The general consensus, of course, has been somewhat disappointment from gamers. 

In a nutshell, nobody wants to hear that they will be four years older when we next see those new loading screens pop up on our TVs – it could be five given how long these take to load! 

Such a time gap would be the longest in official main GTA titles – Grand Theft Auto IV to V was five years, but it felt like ten. Twelve years makes it quite the stretch, but such is the monumentous task at hand, in Rockstar attempting to outdo themselves. As we have seen, nobody wants another Cyperpunk crisis. 

For now, this is all we know. Be sure to check back for more GTA 6 release date information and more, here with Gaming Broadband.