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October 2020

EA Sports have released a brand new promo for Fifa 21, Rulebreakers. The concept for Rulebreakers is something that we have never seen before in Fifa Ultimate Team. The promo sees the rulebreakers leave behind their old play styles and develop into kinds of players with changes to their stats. Team 1 of

We all know that broadband plays a crucial role in all the areas of gaming from casual play to competitive eSports to content creation, such as streaming. The quality of your broadband connection, alot of the time, dictates how enjoyable your gaming experience is. Having a poor broadband connection limits your playing capabilities,

With Halloween approaching, it is almost time for the Ultimate Scream promo for Fifa 21 Ultimate Team. Gaming Broadband have put together some predictions for who we think have a good chance of being featured in the Fifa 21 Ultimate Scream squad. Commonly, the players featured in the Ultimate Scream promo are ones

Fifa 21 has now officially been released, with all players now able to start playing and enjoying the game. To no surprise the popular gamemode, Ultimate Team, has already started with a bang releasing the Ones To Watch promo. For those who aren’t aware of what the Fifa 21 Ones To Watch (OTW) promo

GFast Fibre Broadband has been available to order in the UK for the past 18 months. It is the fastest copper based broadband service that is available from BT Openreach. It is second only in speed to, from a broadband perspective, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) which can deliver 1Gb download speeds. GFast is