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Free Ultimate Team Packs FUT Player Days (Credit: EA Sports)

EA Are Giving Out Free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Packs | FUT Player Days

FIFA players just love to hear those two special words: free packs. 

EA dropped a nice little surprise yesterday afternoon, revealing that anyone that has played FIFA 21 from October 6 onwards, will be receiving free Ultimate Team packs. 

Such rewards a part of ‘FUT Player Days’, a reward scheme that has featured in previous game titles. Such packs will be awarded to players at 6pm (from March 8), based on the following criteria.

  •  Tier 1 (1-60 days): Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Tier 2 (61-115 days): Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Tier 3 (116-137 days): Rare Mega Pack
  • Tier 4 (138-141 days): Ultimate Pack

The above day period relates to your FIFA 21 play-time from October 6 onwards – if you’re a frequent player, your pack will have a higher chance in including a top-rated player. 

All the contents inside the packs are untradeable items – not ideal, but who can ever complain about freebies?  

Here at Gaming Broadband, we’re avid FIFA players. Manchester based too, we’ve recently looked into two rising stars in the area – Amad Diallo and Shola Shoretire. 

Take a read of the Manchester United players’ FIFA ratings here, and their potential inside the game. Although the end of the 20/21 season is drawing near, FIFA continue to release updates and features, making the game worthwhile playing throughout summer. 

Make sure to come back to our blog page, to find all the latest FIFA news and trends. 

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