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David Beckham Fifa 21 (Credit: EA Sports)

OFFICIAL: A Free David Beckham Card Is Coming To Fifa 21

Since legends were introduced into Fifa Ultimate Team, there has been speculation every year about whether or not David Beckham would ever get himself an icon card. It goes without saying that David Beckham is definitely worthy of an icon card, however, for the past few years Pro Evolution Soccer has had the rights to include David Beckham in their game, until now. EA Sports have announced that David Beckham will be introduced into Fifa 21 Ultimate Team and players can get his card for free!

EA Sports released a trailer revealing that David Beckham will be coming to Fifa 21 Ultimate Team and joining the rest of the icons on December 4. This means that David Beckham will receive 4 icon cards throughout Fifa 21: Base, Middle, Prime and Prime Moments. David Beckham’s Fifa 21 ratings will be revealed on November 27.

Alongside his standard icon cards, all Ultimate Team players can obtain a one-of-a-kind Beckham card for free! All you need to do is ensure that you play Fifa 21 by January 15. The free Beckham item will be an 86 rated card celebrating his debut season for Real Madrid in the 2003/04 season. It seems that EA will start to give out the Beckham card starting December 15. 

David Beckham Fifa 21 (Credit: EA Sports)

As a celebration of David Beckham joining Fifa, there is also a Fifa 21: David Beckham Edition being released. It is important to note that this special edition does not include any extra bonuses other than the name and cover. You do not need to have the David Beckham Edition in order to receive the free David Beckham item, you can play any edition of Fifa 21 to receive the card.

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