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Here at Gaming Broadband, we are a team made up of professional gamers and broadband experts
with years of experience across the industries. We understand just how important a fast and reliable
internet connection is when gaming which is why Gaming Broadband was launched.

Install A Second Broadband Line Into Your Home

Install A Second Broadband Line Into Your Home

Here at Gaming Broadband, we aim to provide UK gamers with the best broadband for gaming, and therefore we give our customers the option to migrate their existing broadband line to us, or to install a new, second broadband line into their home. If you choose to install a new broadband line, you will then have two broadband lines running into your household: your current line with your current supplier and a new one supplied by Gaming Broadband. These broadband lines will be separate from one another and will each have to have their own router.

Why Install A Second Broadband Line For Gaming?

Installing a second broadband line in your home, just for gaming, can be extremely beneficial for you. By having two separate broadband lines in your home, you can use one connection for everyday use, such as streaming YouTube/Netflix, browsing the web or even for work purposes, and the other can be used just for your gaming devices. By splitting the connection, it means that there is less strain on the bandwidth and less usage on the network, resulting in higher broadband speeds for you. 

For example, if you have an 80mb broadband line in your home and you have 8-10 devices all using the same connection at the same time, it is going to reduce your bandwidth, resulting in a slower broadband speed. Consequently, as gamers will know, this will have a negative impact on your gaming experience. However, installing a second broadband line into your home through Gaming Broadband means you could have two 80mb (or higher if available) broadband lines running into your home. Therefore you can connect your gaming devices to the broadband line we provide and keep all your other devices (mobile phone/smart TV etc.) connected to your original broadband line. This means that your devices will no longer all be sharing one 80mb broadband line, but instead be split across two 80mb lines. This will result in faster broadband speeds for both your gaming devices and your everyday devices, improving your connection for both.

Who Should Install A Second Broadband Line For Gaming?

Any gamer that is looking to improve their connection when gaming would benefit from ordering a second broadband line for their home, however, here are the most common customers that order a second broadband line:

  • Large households
  • Households that use high amounts of broadband
  • People working from home
  • Passionate/competitive gamers
  • Parents with child gamers
How Do I Order A Second Broadband Line For Gaming?

To order a second broadband line for gaming through Gaming Broadband, you can use our availability checker. Through our availability checker you will be able to see what plans are available to you. Our plans for ordering a second broadband line with us are called Fibre + & GFast +. In the availability checker, the plans are also labelled with Brand New Line Installed.

What Happens When I Order A Second Broadband Line?

Once your order a second broadband line with us, you will firstly receive a confirmation email to let you know we have received your order. Next, we will contact you to discuss and arrange a date for the new line to be installed. For the date you choose, we will book for a BT engineer to visit your home and install your brand new broadband line. Once the day comes and the line has been installed, your new broadband line will be ready to use. Simply setup the router you purchased from us, or setup your own, and you can get to gaming.