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Hogwarts Seventeen Magazine

Harry Potter RPG Leak | Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy

Back in 2017, early gameplay of a Harry Potter RPG leaked online, sending the internet into a craze and expectedly, creating a huge amount of hype about a new game set in the Wizarding World. Since, there has been little talk or leaks relating to this mystery game, until now. Recently, some new information about Warner Bro’s game has surfaced online.


Hogwarts Seventeen Magazine

Hogwarts Seventeen Magazine


VG247 have reported that an anonymous WB source has posted about the Harry Potter RPG on the Harry Potter Subreddit. They go on to explain that the game will be called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy. I think you will agree that the name itself is definitely spine-tingling.

The leaker goes onto explain how you will play as a 5th year student wizard, that is completely customizable, who has just transferred from a school of magic arts to Hogwarts. Furthermore, the RPG will feature:

  • Choice-driven narrative
  • Extensive skill trees
  • Romancable NPCs
  • Playable Quidditch
  • Explorable Hogwarts

As exciting as all of this sounds, as always with leaks, it needs to be taken lightly. There has been no official confirmation that a Harry Potter RPG is going to be released or that any of the above will definitely be featured in the game if it is released. Should the game be officially announced, it would definitely grab a spot in our Top 5 Upcoming Games.