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Carniball-Predictions-Fifa 21

Fifa 21 Carniball Predictions | Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

After its first and only release in Fifa 19, the Carniball promo is set to make its return to Fifa 21 Ultimate Team very soon. To give you an idea of what players could be released during the Carniball promo, we have created some Fifa 21 Carniball predictions.

What Is The Carniball Promo In Fifa Ultimate Team?

Throughout February and March, there are a variety of famous Carnivals and festivals that take place across the world. To embody the spirit of creativity, fun and celebration that these Carnivals express, EA release special FUT cards for players from the nations that host the festivals around the globe:

  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • USA 
  • Spain
What Is Released During The FUT Carniball Promo?

Carniball has only been released in Fifa once before, which was 2 titles ago and it brought plenty of content to the game. Based on what we saw in Fifa 19, we can expect the following to be released during the Carniball promo in Fifa 21:

  • Carniball Squad
  • Lightning Rounds/Promo Packs
  • Prime ICON Moments
  • Player SBCs
  • Puzzle SBCs
  • Themed Objectives
When Is Carniball Released In Fifa 21?

At the time of writing, we have not had any official confirmation of when the Carniball promo is coming to Fifa 21. However, the Carniball promo can be expected to be released very soon, as a Carniball kit was just recently added into the FUT database.

With the Future Stars promo coming to an end on Friday 19th February, Carniball could very well begin on the same day. If it does not begin on the 19th February, it can be expected to be released on the following Friday (26th February). 

The Carnivals take place between February and March and so it is fair to say the Carniball promo can be expected from any time from Friday until the end of March.

Who Is In Our Fifa 21 Carniball Predictions?

Below you can see the players that made it into our Carniball prediction for Fifa 21 Ultimate Team. The players featured give you an idea of what players could be available during the promo via packs, SBCs or objectives. 

Fifa 21 Carniball Predictions

As there have already been several Fifa 21 promos, a lot of top players in the game already have special cards. When creating our prediction, we have tried to avoid using players that have been featured in a recent promo. Furthermore, in the last Carniball promo, the ratings varied from 86 to 96. Therefore, we have included players of similar ratings in our prediction.