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Fifa 21 What If Promo Predictions | Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

Despite the name not being officially confirmed just yet, it seems as though we are getting a brand new promo in Fifa 21 Ultimate Team on Friday that goes by the name ‘What If’. At the current time of writing this, the only piece of official evidence we have had that a new promo is coming on Friday is the loading screen you can see below. The loading screen features several question marks, which definitely matches up to the rumoured name, What If.

Fifa 21 What If Promo Loading Screen (Credit: EA Sports)

Whilst the concept of the promo has not been confirmed, a reputable leaker, @KingLanpard, has shared some information on what the What If promo will most likely be.

KingLanpard has stated that the Fifa 21 What If promo will be similar to headliners, but rather than being based on wins for the player’s team, it will be based on certain objectives. For example, for an attacking player, if the team he plays for scores a certain amount of goals, then their card will upgrade. For a defender, if their team keeps a certain number of clean sheets, then their card will be upgraded. With the small upgrade arrows seen on the cards in the loading screen, it is very likely that this concept is correct.

If this is accurate and is what the What If promo will entail, then it is definitely a fun and exciting promo. Promos that feature live cards are always fan-favourites as the cards can continue to upgrade and improve even once the promo is over. As with Headliners cards, it is presumed that there will be a cap on how many upgrades each card can receive, but we will have to wait and see.

To give you an idea of who may be featured in the, based on the concept above, we have created some Fifa 21 What If predictions. Obviously, these players may not be included in the promo and at the moment, nothing is confirmed so they need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But here we have it, our Fifa 21 Ultimate Team What If predictions.

Fifa 21 Ultimate Team What If Predictions