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Valorant Release Date

Valorant Released Date Confirmed

Riot Games’ highly anticipated Valorant has an official release date of 2nd June 2020. The PC game will be free to play and available to play across the majority of regions worldwide. Valorant has been in its closed beta since April which will finally come to and end on 28th May. If you were unable to obtain a Valorant key, then do not worry, there is not much longer for you to wait to be able to jump into the action.


If you haven’t heard of Valorant, then you must have been living underneath a rock. It is one of, if not, the most hyped games at this current time. It is a free-to-play first person multiplayer shooter created by Riot Games, available only on PC. Valorant is a tactical shooter that features two teams of five. One team is attacking, and their objective is to eliminate the opposition or plant the explosive. The defending team’s objective is to stop the enemy team from planting the explosive or eliminate the opposition. After twelve rounds, the attacking team must then defend, and the defending team must attack. All players have one life per round and one full match is best of 24 rounds. Before the game begins each player must select an Agent to play as. Each Valorant agent has their own unique abilities that can be used in-game.


Most recently the game has only been available to players who received a Valorant key via Twitch Drops making access to the closed beta very limited. However, the full game will be released on June 2nd and will be available across most regions worldwide. Valorant’s closed beta is set to end on 28th May and player’s progress made during the beta will be reset. Valorant has already proved to be extremely popular in the competitive gaming scene and with its full release, it can be expected for it to continue growing in popularity. To accompany the large number of new players, Riot will be investing in new servers in:

  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Warsaw