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KSI Fortnite Song (Credit: Epic Games & KSI)

KSI’s New Song Is Featured In Fortnite Battle Royale!

No other YouTuber in history has accumulated more mainstream success than Ksiolajidebt, better known as KSI. His label as the online GOAT is certainly justified, at least for those east of the Atlantic Ocean.  
Most recognise the Brit for his online videos, speaking to his millions of viewers from the comfort of his own bedroom, but the 28-year-old has begun picking up a new wave of fans and followers, all through the shape of music.  

The YouTuber has never kept his love for the production of music a secret – his early fans will recall the days of ‘Lamborghini’, whilst the real OG’s will still be able to recite each line of ‘Heskey Time’. 
His first official album, Dissimulation, was released just last year, with his next album, All Over The Place, set for July 16th. The hype is certainly real around his upcoming album – his first three songs released have already all peaked at number three on the UK charts. To counter the stigma that he is ‘carried’ by his big-name features, KSI recently dropped ‘Holiday’, a solo single which has since peaked at number two in the charts.  

As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. The YouTuber has not just made a mark in the music scene, he has achieved status within the industry. No longer should he be identified as an online phenomenon trying to reach into a sector in which he has no place. KSI is a musician, and he will continue to make strides in the charts from here on out. 

That being said, his YouTube identity will continue to play in his favour in striking collaborations. The Brit recently announced that one of his songs on the upcoming album is already featured on Fortnite, a platform that continues to set the bar for integrating mainstream culture into its gameplay. KSI shared a snippet of the single on Twitter which does include a feature, but the artist has not been officially revealed. 

A Cuddle Team Leader skin (pink bear) was featured on one of the first album covers for All Over The Place, before it was changed out for an ordinary teddy. Eagle eyed fans were quick to reply to his tweet with such, so it will be interesting to discover anymore hidden easter eggs, once the album drops. 
The news has inevitably led to his followers speculating whether KSI will feature in a Fortnite concert, akin to Travis Scott’s iconic performance back in April 2020. Over 12million live viewers tuned in to that event, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the video game explore a similar avenue to generate some online hype. 
KSI has stated that the internet is set to explode on July 16th, 17th and 18th, suggesting that he has some further news to reveal. Could a big Fortnite collab be involved? You best believe that we’ll be covering the news if so!